Navigating the Image Galleries


Photographs on this website are organized by topic into five main galleries.  Three galleries, those with a downward pointing arrow next to the gallery name, are further organized into sub-galleries.

Open a gallery or sub-gallery by clicking or tapping its name.

As shown below, a gallery page displays a mosaic of all of the photos in that gallery.

Click or tap any image on the gallery page to see the gallery’s images in full size in a lightbox format.  The lightbox view provides the following controls for you to use:

  1. Left and right arrows allow you to scroll from photo to photo.
  2. The filmstrip at the bottom of the screen allows you to jump directly to any photo.
  3. The arrow in the lower left shows the gallery’s images in a slide show.
  4. The information icon in the lower right shows or hides the image name and description.
  5. The balloon icon in the lower left shows or hides the comment form so that you can comment on any photo.
  6. The X in the upper right closes the lightbox view and returns you to the gallery mosaic. From there, you can use the Image Galleries menu to go to a different gallery.

When you click on the information icon, the name of the photo and a brief description of the photo appear at the lower left corner of the image, and social media icons appear near the lower right of the image.  If you want to share the photo on your social media account, just click on the appropriate icon.

If you click on the balloon icon, a comment form will open at the right side of the image.  You can use this form to provide comments or questions pertaining to the image.  Your name and email address are required if you wish to post a comment or question.  Social media icons are also available above the comment form if you wish to share the photo on your social media account.

“I hope you enjoy the photographs that I have posted here as much as I enjoyed capturing and sharing them.  Please use the comment form to share your thoughts on the photos.  You can also use the “Contact Me” response form (use the link in the page header) to send me an email with your thoughts or to ask any questions you may have about my photos or photography in general.

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